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What kind of miner's lamp in order to ensure the security of miners?

A, coal mine lighting is not taken seriously

Coal is the main energy of human use, is the food industry, most of the buried in the ground. In order to obtain the coal miners have to be risking their lives, hundreds or even thousands of metres deep underground, to dig out the buried in the ground "sharply", conveying to the ground be required energy.

Under the deep well of coal mine, it is the darkest places in the human work environment. In this world the most dark place, the safest and most bright lighting, miners can fully ensure the safety of life.

But coal mine lighting brightness problem has not caused widespread attention.

Some coal mine leadership think, miner's lamp light as long as the discharge time can reach 12 hours, no obvious quality problems, light can see the ground and the surrounding environment, the strength of the light is not very important factor.

Little imagine, is one such idea, the miners in jeopardy, brings the risk of unintended consequences. The slippery ground, water of coal dust, gathering pipeline, high-speed operation of the machine equipment, could collapse at any time of roof, constitutes the miners dangerous and complex working environment, miners in this kind of work environment, needs to have a pair of bright eyes, a risk factor for the surrounding "penetrative", to eliminate hidden dangers, prevent safety accidents, ensure the safety of their own. Low intensity of illumination, dimly lit a miner's lamp, can reduce the miners' line of sight, miners "eye", the "accident". So, low illumination light and dark miner's lamp is overhead security hidden danger, the miners to miners wearing such work well under the miner's lamp, is irresponsible for miners' life safety.

Second, the light bright miner's lamp can ensure the security of miners

The light in the darkness of the mine, miner's lamp, miner's eyes. Eye bright to the load, the strength of the miner's lamp light, is directly related to the miners to deal with coal mine safety accident response speed, related to the miners safety factor of life.

Coal mine safety expert thinks, miner's lamp brightness each raise an illumination unit, miners safety coefficient will increase by 5% to 5%. It is easy to clear: two miner's lamp, a lamp light is strong, a lamp dimly lit, assuming that dark miner's lamp lighting range is within 50 meters, light bright miner's lamp lighting range is within 100 meters, then, in the same job environment, when the car series way, loose roof and other dangerous situation, wear what kind of miner's lamp is more advantageous to the miners in time to take emergency measures to prevent accidents, be clear at a glance.

Light and bright miner's lamp, illuminating surroundings for miners, diffuse in the dust environment, through the haze, see the ground and roof, effectively prevent the roof collapsing and other accident harm accident.

In order to fully guarantee the safety of the miners, choose the miner's lamp with bright light is the right thing to do.

Expert proposal, coal mines in the selection of miner life safety miner's lamp, miner's lamp brand to fully investigate the market variety, brand, quality and reputation, experiment of different brands of miner's lamp illumination and other key performance, thus according to coal mine actual situation carefully to choose suitable for their own brand of miner's lamp.

No small coal mine safety, safety lighting is the first. In order to ensure the normal operation of miner life safety and coal mine safety, coal mine, full attention to the importance of underground lighting, "to the miners on a pair of bright eyes, to protect miners in danger," the blind man riding a blind Ma Lin abyss.

 Date: 2015-06-06
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