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China association of occupational safety and health experts to lianyuan sea lake miner's lamp company research

On November 30, the state administration of work safety of occupational safety and health supervision, the chief priests and the current vice President of China association of occupational safety and health Ren Shukui line in lianyuan sea lake miner's lamp co., LTD., research, coal security bureau of hunan province and loudi coal security bureau accompanied by related personnel. The main purpose of this research is to grasp the mine workers labor protection supplies safety production and usage, and the existing problems, to study and put forward improvement measures to further improve the level of coal mine safety and health care workers.

Investigators arrived at sea lake miner's lamp company production workshop, understand the enterprise production sales. And take business discussion, file query, data collection, on-site visit process for research, seminar heard the work report, head of the company related sea lake.

Hunan sea lake miner's lamp co., LTD., the main production of KL type lithium electricity miner's lamp, methane methane alarm miner's lamp, digital display alarm miner's lamp, LED tunnel lights, self-rescuer, etc. Series of products, has achieved national explosion-proof certification, mining products safety sign the certificate. The company passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification. Company and the product has won the "hunan province famous trademark", "hunan famous brand", "high-tech enterprise", "China well-known trademark" .

Investigators believe that hunan sea lake miner's lamp co., LTD., has been committed to product research and development, pay attention to the quality of our products have been successfully more than 10 national patents, and won the "China well-known trademark" a rare honour, give full affirmation. Investigators asked the company in product design and production in the future to do more small, more refined, in the direction of integration, muti_function change development. In view of the current market order confusion, miner's lamp industry the sham as the genuine adverse condition, research group, said the government related functional departments will publish relevant policies and measures, the production technology is not standard, the safety of products manufacturers, to strengthen the daily supervision and inspection, and released by water conservancy and list a number of ways, such as can not meet the production requirements of the enterprises eliminated; The production specification, formal production enterprises should give priority support, really let the underground work the workers can use the qualified products, with the rest assured products, in order to promote the industry development in more standardized, more healthy direction.

 Date: 2015-06-06
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