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MeiTanFa has been included in the legislation of the state council

People in the national energy administration recently revealed that energy administration departments are working to modify the MeiTanFa, the file is already included in the legislation plan of the state council. Are working on the "regulations on the administration of nuclear power is expected to be submitted to the state council by the end of this year. The rules will mainly around the planning, development of nuclear power plant construction in our country to participate in the rights and obligations of the parties, nuclear power plant, operation monitor, nuclear power construction and related technical standards under this specification.

Regulations on the administration of the people, according to the nuclear power will focus on the support of nuclear power development in the future, which will strongly promote the development of inland nuclear power plant construction. In addition, about whether the industry for nuclear power development holding qualification will be expected from the previous relative monopoly to the diversification, the source said, in the short term, China's nuclear power development holdings threshold will not be substantial to reduce, the reason is that the nuclear power development need to safety as the first principle.

In addition, in order to support to encourage the large scale development of hydropower energy bureau in the first half of this year has been drawn up in preparation for the regulations on the management of hydropower development will further standardize the order of hydropower development.

 Date: 2015-06-07
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