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Suitable for methane or coal dust explosion hazard environment or mines, workers used to measure the methane content of the instrument.

Product features: methane detection alarming device using microprocessor technology, all calibration parameters and linear revision completed by software, has small volume, light weight, simple operation, easy maintenance, etc.

Working principle:

In the presence of methane detection alarming device in the environment of the methane gas, silane gas shielding up through the instrument under the shell element, element within the shielding surface flameless combustion, its resistance value increases, the carrier catalytic element and the resistance of the huis

A bridge out of balance, output voltage signal, the size of the voltage signal is proportional to the methane concentration. After linear amplifier amplified signal input microcontroller in the A/D converter into digital signal, through the microprocessor data processing, the digital tube display

Methane concentration, when methane concentrations surpassed the emergency alarm instrument send out sound and light alarm signal.

Date: 2015 - 06 - 10
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